Importance Of A Good Stage Set

In the production of a film, movie or even a play, stage sets and led floor lights used help in various ways to bring out what the director wanted. So what are stage sets? Ideally stage sets are the scenic representations used to identify the geographic, periodic or any other aspect in the production of a movie or film. The following is the importance of stage sets in film production.

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The stage sets relate the movie or film to a particular geographic region. This may be a forest, a cave, a farm, church or even a market place. The geographic location also enhances the understandability of the film and ensures that the message that was to be passed is fully understood by the audience of the film.


A film requires the correct stage set to pass on the emotions that are prevailing during the film to the audience. For example, a black stage set may represent mourning in a certain film. The emotions help the film feel authentic and real and the better the stage set is in passing on the emotions of the film to the audience, the better placed the audience is to understand the film.


The stage sets are also responsible for outlining the period setting of the movie. This may be the ancient periods, the modern era or the middle-age periods. Besides the stage set another important thing that communicates the period setting is the choice of costumes and props. The period setting takes the mind of the audience on a journey, enhancing the relation between the film and the real life experiences.


Lighting, a common feature in film production, is used to enhance the mood of the play and ensures the audience is concentrating during the film. The lights used give different types of moods. Lighting also helps create different visibility of different things and actors at different times to ensure the audience follow the film properly without undue disruptions. The mood enhances the audience's ability to enjoy the film too.


This minimal detail can be essence in certain films and the stage sets give a rough idea to the time of day. If for example the setting wants to pass a message of danger come with nightfall especially in rural areas, the stage set should be able to candidly demonstrate this to the audience to enhance their ability to comprehend the message being passed by the film. This may also enhance the ability of the audience to enjoy the film as it reduces monotony in time of different actions.


Stage sets also create a sense of weather for different circumstances to be understood clearly. Weather can be a major part of a film especially those films set in the farms or the sea.

A film need to communicate a certain message to the audience. This communication is enhanced by the correct use of stage sets during its production. Besides this, films are meant to entertain different groups of people and this is enhanced by the use of correct a stage set.